Candidate Services

services-candidatesWe understand a healthcare clinician’s priority is to first and foremost provide the highest level of patient care. Although he/she may be dissatisfied with their current job status, often times they don’t have the time to search for a new career nor want to jeopardize their confidentiality.  CSP is here to provide the groundwork and market knowledge needed to make a discreet and successful career change. Our team is consistently talking to your peers and colleagues in the industry and has direct access to hiring authorities updating us on current job openings. With this service, candidates are able to focus on patient care, stay productive, remain confidential, and have peace of mind that a trusted advisor is assisting in their career move in a professional manner. (Note: We do not present any personal information without your consent)

Furthermore, the strong partnerships we’ve created with our candidates have enabled us to assist several referrals from many of the candidates we have assisted in their career change.