Search Process

CSP conducts searches on an “Exclusive Search” basis as well as on a “Contingency Search” basis. Our exclusive search process is a hybrid between a traditional retained search and a contingency relationship. Depending on the complexity and sense of urgency of the position, CSP is able to customize a search plan to meet your needs and expectations.

Exclusive Search

This approach is used for a position with a higher sense of urgency and typically has a specific timeframe when it must be filled. An exclusive search can also be used as a PR tool or to evaluate the company’s perception in the marketplace. Below are some key components for an exclusive search.

  • Position immediately prioritized over standard contingency searches
  • First right of refusal on every candidate presented
  • Progress reports provided upon request, delineating percentage of marketplace penetrated
  • Client’s name openly disclosed (unless otherwise requested) attracting the highest level of candidates
  • Consultative approach used when evaluating candidates using complete objectivity
  • Extended guarantee period
  • Small portion of fee paid upfront to initiate search

Contingency Search

This approach is used for positions with less of a sense of urgency. This relationship is more transactional with less of a commitment from all parties involved. As our client, you do not commit to any payment until a candidate is actually hired. Below are some key components for a standard contingency search.

  • Internal database of candidates targeted
  • Client’s name is withheld sometimes preventing the highest level of candidates attracted
  • Non exclusivity on candidates presented
  • Candidates presented based on qualification requirements of the position
  • Standard guarantee period
  • No financial commitment from the client required